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For nearly 15 years I suffered from horribly painful headaches which were diagnosed as migraines. A few years into my treatment (seeing a neurologist every few months) my Mom suggested that I try reflexology. She shared a newspaper article that talked about the benefits that reflexology can offer to migraines. I put if off until one of my closest friends sent me the same article along with a business card from Shawnee at Hands Over Feet Reflexology. I figured it was worth a try. With regular treatments and meetings with Shawnee, my headaches actually lessened. They lessened so much that I stopped taking my preventive migraine pills. A few more months and I stopped taking my other meds as well. I realize it seems hard to believe, but in the three years that I have been visiting Shawnee, I no longer see my neurologist at all! I am extremely grateful for how Shawnee has helped me and for the peaceful, safe and relaxing environment that she creates in her office during the treatments. She is one of a kind and I am eternally grateful to her and for her treatment. I still look forward to my visits and treatments every few weeks not only because I am preventing my migraines, but also knowing that I am adding to my sense of relaxation and well being." -Mary Reynolds, client

Shawnee's foot reflexology expertise was precisely what I needed when I had some chronic foot issues a few years ago. Initially my condition required twice a week intense therapy until we found phenomenal success. Now we simply maintain a significantly lighter routine, but essential nonetheless. Don't know what I would have done without her great talent. Forever Grateful.
Merle Schneider