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Relief for foot pain and peripheral neuropathy.


Hands Over Feet specializes in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Often a painful and debilitating ailment, reflexology is an ideal natural method to manage your pain. But first, let's discuss what are the signs associated with peripheral neuropathy, as well as what peripheral neuropathy actually is.


What are the signs of peripheral neuropathy?


Many people who are experiencing consistent hand and foot pain and/or numbness may be experiencing the symptoms of a common ailment-peripheral neuropathy. Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in the hands and feet include the following:


* Gradual onset of numbness and tingling in the hands and feet

* Burning pain

* Sharp, jabbing or electric-like pain

* Extreme sensitivity to touch

* Lack of coordination

* Muscle weakness or paralysis if motor nerves are affected.


What causes peripheral neuropathy?


Peripheral neuropathy is caused by damage to the nerve endings. Most commonly, peripheral neuropathy may start in the longest nerves, the ones that reach your toes. It can result from traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems, exposure to toxins and diabetes. As those who have it realize, it can be debilitating as well as just aggravating.


What can you do to alleviate the pain of peripheral neuropathy without medication?


According to the Mayo Clinic staff, there are six lifestyle and home remedies you can use to manage your peripheral neuropathy:


* Take care of your feet by wearing soft cotton socks and well padded shoes

* Exercise to help control blood sugar levels

* Quit smoking to improve blood circulation

* Eat healthy meals to maximize your intake of vitamins, minerals, low fat meats, dairy products, whole grains and fruits

* Avoid prolonged pressure by making a conscious effort to not cross your legs or lean on your elbows

* Massage your hands and feet or have someone massage them for you!

(cited in Mayo Clinic Staff "Lifestyle and Home Remedies." Peripheral Neuropathy Nov 3, 2009.)


Hands Over Feet Reflexology specializes in the management of peripheral neuropathy without medication. It does this twofold- not only does foot reflexology help peripheral neuropathy by improving blood circulation, and by relaxing the muscles of the feet that oftentimes have trapped the nerves in the feet, but also provides pain relief as well. Many of our clients swear by the effects of reflexology to manage their peripheral neuropathy, and Unavailable. Unavailable. Unavailable. have made it a central feature of their lifestyle change. To see how it can benefit you, please call for an appointment today.